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Why You’ll Like Us

We do not sell equipment.

We are billing and utility analysts, not efficiency gurus. We do not tell you how to cut your consumption or increase efficiency. We simply figure out how you are paying too much for the energy you are already using.

Utilitem identifies billing errors, overcharges, alternatives, and other cost-reduction avenues. We focus on:

Utility providers commit system and human errors, change rates and policies, estimate consumption, and implement new billing methods. Utilitem ensures error elimination, refund maximization, and identification and implementation of the most economical rates that are allowed.

Them and Us

Most utility consulting companies do the following:

  • They require the client to make major capital investments.
  • They require the client to drastically modify their usage behavior.
  • They analyze client utility data with software that only looks for obvious outlier problems; they do not know or understand the nuances of local utility markets and tariffs.

Utilitem is Different

  • Most of Utilitem’s recommendations require little or no capital investment.
  • Utilitem does not rely on clients changing their behavior to save money.
  • Utilitem understands the nuances of local utility providers and works with those providers to maximize savings.  We make recommendations specific to each local market.

If you have had similar services can Utilitem still save you money?


Here’s why:

  • National companies do not study the nuances of local utility companies.  We do.
  • Local tariffs and regulations change constantly. We study how those changes can save you money.
  • Billing errors are perpetual.  Utilitem is the watchdog to avoid human and system error.