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Water and Sewer

Water & Sewer

Although water/sewer invoicing can be the most straightforward, there are more billing errors in these charges than in any other utility.  Most electric, and natural gas companies are large, well-structured and place a close eye on how their customers are invoiced.  Water/sewer is typically supplied by municipalities or water districts covering regional areas and has less oversight.

Many people ask, “If water and sewer costs are straightforward, can’t my staff review the invoices and find applicable errors?”  We consistently find that our clients who use bill analysis software and review the invoices monthly miss significant errors which have occurred.  These problems have in part led to the creation of our own in-house analysis software and specialty personnel training to look for specific inconsistencies that are very difficult to find otherwise.

Poor regulations

Most water/sewer providers are not regulated by a State governing entity, such as a Public Service Commission.  Because there is no oversight, some providers are reluctant to provide refunds or credits when water/sewer errors occur and may attempt to defer responsibility.  We understand the good relationships our clients have with their respective utility providers and ensure those relationships are maintained and strengthened while ensuring all costs are accurate.